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Tips & Tricks

Here are a few helpful Tips & Tricks to help you keep your equipment in good condition!


  • Always replace air filters every 30 days regardless of what the package says. 

  • If using a large Air-Bear/April-air filter, replace every 6-12 months

  • Replace the batteries in your thermostat yearly to prevent corrosion build up.


  • Funny smell coming from the dishwasher? Try cleaning the disposal. (See our Facebook page for an easy step-by-step video for cleaning your disposal)

  • Replace pop offs, and elements in water heaters every 7 years.


  • Keep your refrigerator a few inches away from the wall to prevent over heating. 

  • Have your dryer vent cleaned out annually to prevent overheating and optimal dryer operation. (See our coupon page for a discount on this service)

  • Call (336) 924-4186

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