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Heating & Cooling Maintenance

Did you know you should have your heating and cooling equipment maintenance every 6 months to ensure peak performance and longevity?

Under our one year maintenance contract, one of our highly qualified technicians will come out to your home twice a year to perform a 15 point inspection on your heating and cooling equipment to ensure your equipment is in tip-top shape.

15 Point Inspection:

  1. Checking refrigerant pressures

  2. Check compressor amp draw

  3. Oil condenser fan motor (when/if necessary)

  4. Check condenser fan motor amps

  5. Check amp draw on heat strips

  6. Check filters and advise (change if customer supplied)

  7. Top off Freon up to one pound

  8. Check and clean drain lines (as needed determined by tech)

  9. Calibrate thermostat (if needed)

  10. Inspect for visible mold and mildew

  11. Check indoor coils

  12. Check condenser coil & clean with water

  13. Visually inspect for overall operations

  14. Check indoor fan motor amps

  15. Check Carbon Monoxide on any gas fired furnace.

Price for the entire year starts at $100.00 for the first unit, and $50.00 for each additional unit. Call our office to get signed up today!

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